Vervena Arkadias

Vervena Arcadias

Historic village known from the Struggle of 1821. Here took place one of the two victorious battles between K.Karampela and Mustafa Bei, the other one was the one of Doliana, that lead to the Fall of Tripolitsas.

One of the most mountainous villages of Peloponnisos, in altitude of 1160m, it has a view to the valley of Tripolis. Mainly inhabited during the summer, as the nearby village Ano Koutroufa, that is built among oak trees and chestnut trees. It is 40km from Tripolis and it is famous for its stone made and marble made houses. The church of Virgin Mary is really impressive and was constructed by workers from Tinos.

In the village there was the first printing house of the struggle of 1821, and the marble stone placed in 1929 reminds the fact of the arrival of Dimintris Ypsilantis in the village on 21-6-1821. Ano Vervena were burnt by Imbraim in 1826. Its residents have been transferred to Kato Vervena, seaside area near Astros, that is a great holiday resort with developed substructure and great sandy beach.

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