Akrogiali Xiropigado Beach Bar

Arogiali Xiropigado - Beach Bar

Tropical atmosphere, bamboo, wood toys with stone and the sea found the most beautiful beach, moored and invites you to a cool summer. With lounge and latin music depending on the time and mood.

Akrogiali beach bar starts every June. The construction of the Bar has done with care, using only natural materials (makouti African palm, wood, stone) .

The beachbar is open from 09:00 in the morning until late offering guests all kinds of drinks, snacks.

We will be glad to meet you hoping to convey your pleasant experiences and memories in a beautiful and friendly atmosphere on the beach.

Ακρογιάλι Ξηροπήγαδο Αρκαδίας

Phone : +30 27550 71259
Mobile : +30 693 6528 772
Fax : +30 27550 71259

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Xiropigado Beaches Arkadia Greece

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

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Phone : +30 27550 71259
Mobile : +30 693 6528 772
Fax : +30 27550 71259