Akrogiali Xiropigado Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports

The geographical and weather conditions in combined to its unique landscape are suitable for a variety of activities,that each visitor can enjoy,from the younger ones till the older ones,based on their interests.

These activities include not only relaxing activities such as fishing but also more extreme sports,such as kite-windsurfing.

Especially, all along the coasts of N.Kynouria,from Xiropigado to Kryoneri,fishermen and not only,have the chance to dive or even enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape and the wonderful water,fishing.

Another enjoyable activity,that the locals and visitors enjoy is cycling,which offers not only physical health but mental as well,as those who are interested can enjoy great rides at no cost and enjoy the scenery,whichever direction they choose.

All those who love nature will be pleased if they choose to do any outdoor activities they wish in the mountain of Parnonas.The incredible beauty of wild life gives the visitor the opportunity to tour and explore the hidden beauty of Parnonas.There is a wide variety of activities suitable for this area such as hiking in signed paths,climbing,scaling,downhill,mountain bike and so many others that cover all the taste.

Finally those who wish to try water sports,should visit the crystal-clear water of Agios Andreas and the beach of Palioxanos.In both cases,we suggest that you try kitesurfing-windsurfing.Moreover,it worths visiting the beach of Arcadiko village,where you can dive in the clear blue sea.The only thing that remains is to make a choice on which activity you want to try,since the wide variety of activities can't actually leave you unmoved.

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