Agios Petros Arkadias

Agios Petros Arcadias

Village in Parnonas full of green.It offers excellent accommodation with hotels, tavernas, shops with local products, it is a destination all year round,since it covers all the tastes. 192km from Athens, 36 from Tripolis, Agios Petros is a traditional area that satisfies every visitor.

Its most famous sights are The church of Apostles Peter and Paul in the square, the Tower of Trikalitis, the renovated stone school - an excellent sample of architecture of that period, the Tower of Agas of the 18th century, the old carpet factory and the stone made bridge.

The history of the village is special, since 1821 Captain Anagnostis Kontakis revolted and in 1826 set on fire against Imbraim. The visit to Agios Petros cannot be combined to the visit to the famous monastery of the area, the monastery of Malevis. Those who love climbing and nature will love it, since from the village start paths that end up in Mikri Tourla and Megali Tourla, the highest top of Parnonas, in 1936m far from the shelter, where you can stay for 6 hours.

In the village the visitor can meet the tradition through the fete, that are organised because of religious celebrations, as in the rest area (between Agios Petros - Agios Ioannis) there is the Castle of Oria or Estella, where you can see ruins of a village and a fort.

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