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Atsiganos Beach

One of the most popular and crowded beaches of Kynouria, 5km from Astros. It is extended 4 m length and can serve 5.000 people.

Ideal for all ages, full of sand and pebbles. Shallow, warm water suitable for kids. The sea becomes deep 5 meters from the coast. In the area there are the kids campsites of the Municipality of Tripolis. Part of the beach is organized and can serve the swimmers such as umbrellas, toilets,deck-chairs, showers and rubbish bins. On the coast there is a lifeguard and canteens, organized area for rackets, football field and parking space at the south. Sailing equipment is also available

Akrogiali Xiropigado - Atsiganos Beach

Ακρογιάλι Ξηροπήγαδο Αρκαδίας

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Mobile : +30 693 6528 772
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Phone : +30 27550 71259
Mobile : +30 693 6528 772
Fax : +30 27550 71259