Museum of Astros

Located 10 km from Xiropigado taking the road towards the Astros will meet the Archaeological Museum, located in the city center and is housed in a listed building Karitsiotis School.

Moustos Wetland

It is one of the two wetlands of Eastern Peloponnisos - the other is the one of Fokianos. It is 4km far from Astros and it is a shelter of migratory birds.

Parnon refuge

It is 1420m from the sea level, near the village Vamvakou Lakonias. It started in 1973 and it was a donation from George Pierce. The refuge is 2 hours from Vamvakou, through Kastanitsa and the route close to nature is amazing

Zafiri Foundation

It is run by 7 members in charge of the president George Papageorgiou. It is a member of the international net "Arcadia" of the International Arcadian Company.

Villa Herod Atticus

One of the most important monuments of The Roman Times is situated in the ancient village of Kynouria, Eva, whose remains are rescued. The place of the Villa is extended to 20.000km2, a little far from the village Kato Doliana and opposite the Monastery of Loukou

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